Download Showbox App Android, iOS, Pc Free

Showbox App is an useful android app for finding out the latest movies and TV shows that you missed out due to some other work. The app is having exciting features which will help you to search your favourite movies and TV shows. With Showbox app you can watch number of HD movies in free of charge and now other than android you can also download Showbox for pc, iphone, Tablet, Kindle Fire and many other devices as well.

This is not only the things which ended here about Showbox because there are many other important things which you need to know and this is why I am here to tell you through this review. I hope it helps you to get some information about the Showbox.


Showbox app:

Showbox works in almost all types of android and known as one among the best top rated entertainment app in the android market. Besides this you can watch HD movies for free and you will be amazed to know that million users over the worldwide have been using this app on their devices.

Download showbox apk

There are also many other similar movie apps that are available in the android market but what you get here is fewer ads and can enjoy movies in fast speed of internet with great features. Now talking about the features of Showbox let me tell you what are the features that are available in the app which makes the app popular. I shall also cover up the process as to how you should download Showbox app on your ios.

If you are an iOS user make sure to download moviebox app which is iOS version of showbox app.

Features of Showbox app:

There are lots of features that will grow your interest about Showbox and make you want to download the app right after reading it. So, here are the following features that you must have a look at.


  1. The first interesting thing you will come to know about the Showbox is that you will not find any difficulty regarding its handling process because the app is very simple to use and has got user friendly interface.
  2. Showbox has got a feature where you can control and block excessive ads which will disappear within a second so that you won’t find irritating and receive unnecessary ads while watching movies.
  3. With the help of this app it can recollect your old memories because you can get all types of movies including new, old and even the movie series.
  4. It has no involvement in signing up or log in details like any other apps because Showbox is very easy to handle just with one click of your fingertip. No need of putting any password or username it is free to use.
  5. Even after downloading the app you will easily find your movies on the save folder as it is well organized and arranged it in a proper way.
  6. According to your device compatibility you can use your own desirable resolution of video quality.
  7. The app comes with less storage and keeps updating the latest movies by reviewing its trailers.
  8. You can enjoy HD movies with best video quality and it has got plenty of collection of all genres of movies.
  9. It has an option of ‘My Library’ which helps you to choose and add it on your library according to your choice.
  10. If you happen to missed out your favorite TV shows then with the help of this app you can watch and enjoy all the episodes that you could not watch due to your urgent work.

Download and Installation process of Showbox for android and iOS:

Nowadays people are using Showbox because of its excellent app and popularity. It gives you all sorts of entertainment by reviewing the latest movies, serial episodes, and some LIVE videos. This app is not only available on windows but you can also download Showbox On PC, ios, mac and linux. But let me tell you showbox app cannot be directly downloaded as it is not available for ios users so there is an alternative way to download it. As it is not available in Google Play Store so you need to download showbox through some downloadable link. These are some of the alternative steps that you need to follow in order to install it.

  • First of all you will need to have the right source that can support your ios version without causing you much trouble.
  • One thing you should know that it only supports in ios 7 and above.
  • To install the file what you need to do is that you have to go to your setting and turn off “set automatically” to change the date back to September 20, 2014.
  • After this you have to open the safari browser, go to the website “open showbox ios app download site where you can install the app by clicking on the green box.
  • Once you get the green box, tap on the button “press” so that you can start installing the app for iPhone.
  • Right after doing this you need to set your date and time again into automatic mode.
  • A trust pop up might appear in your ios device for that you have to press trust button on the pop up window.
  • Once the process is done you are ready to launch Show box APK app for watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

These are the installation process of showbox ios which is worth easier with these steps. However, you can also download showbox for IOS with ios installer, cydia and also with jailbreak guide.


Showbox is the best trending app for streaming online movies and not only this over 8, 000 people has already installed this app on their IOS/Iphone device on a daily basis. You can say this app is in a big demand.

But there are certain limitations about the showbox app for it doesn’t tweak video setting of the app and have to adjust the video quality according to your internet connection. In other word if your connection is slow you will not able to watch your movies or videos at a fast speed. This is only a slight problem which you might face using this app.

While reading this article, if you have already downloaded the app then just start enjoying all types of movies. But for those if you are still having any problem or got any queries about the app regarding the installation then let us know your feedback or comment us below.